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When applying ensure you use a decent amount of glue! If your nails have popped off within the first week it is most likely not enough glue was added

After applying your nails ensure you avoid water for the first 4 hours and when washing dishes wear gloves to avoid excess water exposure to your nails

When applying your nails make sure to press down firm for at least 15 seconds and to pinch down on the sides. The sides tend to lift first so make sure you put pressure on them

When spreading the glue onto the press on nails as well as your natural nail, make sure to spread it all the way to the sides as this evenly distributes the glue 

You can use the other end of your cuticle stick to clean underneath your natural nails 

Before applying your press ons keep your natural nails cut and short

When wanting to reuse your press ons we recommend adding extra glue to your cart or another application kit

Keep your nail glue on standby like in your purse or wallet just in case it pops off you can simply glue it back on


Make sure to follow our How To Apply & How To Remove instructions on our Application page as this will prevent damage from occurring to your natural nails and ensure your nails are safe to wear

After applying your nails ensure you avoid water for the first 4 hours as this allows the glue to bond correctly and not lift

When wearing our nails it is important to take into consideration lifestyle and extracurricular activities when choosing your length. We recommend not engaging in any strenuous activities whilst wearing our press ons such as sports or heavy lifting as this will prevent injury from occurring

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