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Follow Our Size Guide Below To
Find Your Best Fit

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If your nails don’t match our standard sizes after measuring or you are in between sizes we recommend always SIZING UP as you can slightly file down the sides of the press on nail to match your natural nail. If the nails are too small they have a higher chance of lifting up.

We offer custom sizes at no extra cost if you don't meet our standard sizes, simply put your measurements in the notes section when purchasing your nails. 

We do offer 24piece sets that require NO MEASURING! simply head to our "One Size Options" page and browse our designs. Click the 'One Size' option when selecting your size. 

Head to our instagram page @prettybitchhands for video tutorials on how to size your nails


We are not responsible for incorrect nail sizes purchased and will not issue a refund if the nails do not fit

Shapes & Lengths

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