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  • What comes with the nails?
    Application & Removal Instruction Cards Application Kit - 15 nails which include a set of 10 & 5 spare nails - 1x Nail glue - 1x Mini nail file - 1x Mini nail buffer - 1x Wooden cuticle stick - 1x Alcohol wipe
  • How do I know what size to buy?
    Our Size and Length page has all the info you need on how to find your accurate size as well as instructions on how to measure your nails
  • What if your standard sizes don’t fit me?
    If your nails don’t match our standard sizes after measuring or you are inbetween sizes we recommend always SIZING UP as you can slightly file down the sides of the press on nail to match your nail. If you are unsure of your size we do offer 24piece sets from our One Size Options that fits all sizes and require no measurments. Simply click 'one size' when choosing your size! Please note this adds an additonal cost to your order ranging from $5-$8 dependant on style. Alternatively we offer custom sizes at no extra cost. Simply place your measurements in the notes section when ordering your nails (MAKE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR HANDS IN ORDER STARTING FROM THUMB TO PINKY FINGER for e.g R- 2,5,4,6,9 L- 2,5,4,6,9) and we will make the nails according to your requirements. Please refer to our Size and Length page for more information.
  • How do I make a custom order?
    We offer custom designs that are quoted once we receive your custom order request. Please refer to our Custom Order page for more info on how to make a custom order.
  • How do I apply the press on nails?
    Our How To Apply Instructions on the Application page has all the info you need on how to apply your press on nails correctly and efficiently. You can also see our step by step videos on how to apply them on our instagram page @prettybitchhands
  • How do I remove the press on nails?
    Our Removal Instructions on the Application page has all the info you need on how to remove your press on nails correctly and efficiently.
  • How long do the nails last?
    Our nails last within a variety of timeframes which make it perfect for multiple occasions! If you are applying your nails with GLUE and are after longtime wear, your press on nails can last for up to 3 WEEKS when applied correctly following our instructions. The press on nails will naturally start to lift from your nail bed at around the 2 week mark. If you are applying your nails with NAIL TABS and are after short time wear, your press on nails can last for up to 3 DAYS. Keep in mind the adhesive nail tabs are not as durable as nail glue and they can come off. This is a good option for people who like to change their nails frequently. *Please Note* The longevity of the press on nails can be affected if not applied correctly and also be impacted by the production of natural oils on the nail bed. Therefore, the timeframe in which they will last can vary for each person. Keep in mind wear and tear can occur depending on lifestyle and extracurricular activities. We recommend purchasing extra glue and following our care instructions.
  • How are press ons different from acrylics and are they better?
    Press ons are essentially a nail tip that covers your full nail and is just as strong and durable as acrylics. When it comes down to which is better between press ons and acrylics it's a preference to the individual. When it comes to benefits, press on nails take 15 minutes to apply in the comfort of your home, are made of high quality ABS materials and are at a much affordable price point.
  • How do I make the nails last long?
    Make sure you have followed the application steps correctly before applying and avoid wetting your hands for 4 hours after application. When you are washing dishes make sure to always wear gloves! Refer to our Tips & Care page for more info on how to care for your press ons.
  • Are the nails reusable?
    Yes they are! Which makes them not only cost effective but really convenient. This is however dependent on how well you have kept your nails intact and how you remove them. Please refer to our How To Remove Instructions on the Application page for instructions on how to remove them correctly for reusing. *Please Note* After a few times of reuse the press on nails can have glue/adhesive build up. Try to ensure you're filing off the excess glue to maintain the quality of the nails. When reusing multiple times you will need extra glue or adhesive tabs, we recommend buying extra at checkout.
  • Why don’t the adhesive tabs come with the application kit?
    We haven't included the adhesive tabs within the application kit simply because the glue method is more popular and not everyone will be using them or wearing the nails temporarily. However, if the request to include them becomes high we will!
  • Will the nail glue cause damage to my natural nail?
    There is minimal damage to the natural nails when using our press ons. The use of nail glue will not cause damage to your natural nails. Damage can happen if the removal process is not followed correctly and force is used to remove the press on nail. When removing DO NOT rip them off with force, for more info on the removal process refer to our How To Remove Instructions on the Application page. We also recommend avoiding any heavy sports/activites when you have them on especially when wearing our long size as injury can occur to your natural nails. *Please Note* When applying the glue be careful and avoid contact with the eyes and aim for minimal contact with the skin. If skin irritation or redness occurs due to the use of nail glue, discontinue use and go for our double sided adhesive sticky tabs instead.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Our current processing time frame is between 1-3 days depending on order volume at time of purchase. The shipping time frame is from when your order has been dispatched and this can vary depending on location. Please refer to our Shipping Policy page for more info on shipping
  • How much is postage?
    We offer a flat rate of $7.95 for standard shipping and $12.95 for express shipping nationally across Australia. Free standard shipping is available for orders over $60. Please refer to our Shippping Policy page for more info.
  • How do I track my order?
    You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed as well as a confirmation email once your order has been shipped. We ship through AUSPost and the tracking number will be sent to you via email with your shipment confirmation email.
  • Do you ship Internationally?
    At this rate we only ship internationally to New Zealand, however we are working on a system currently and hopefully we will be able to ship to more international countries within 2022
  • What part of your packaging is biodegradable?
    We ship our nails in fully biodegradable 100% home compostable mailers made from plant-based materials which break down within 3-6months rather than 200+ years! Even the label that is on your mailer is compostable so no need to remove it as it contains no ink and is FSC certified BPA Free.
  • What is recyclable within your packaging?
    We package our products with eco friendly materials that are fully recyclable and compostable just to help do our part to minimalise unnecessary waste to the environment. Mailing Box: Recyclable Cardboard Materials Press On Naill Box: Recyclable Cardboard Materials Spare Nail Pouch: Recyclable Natural Kraft Paper Tissue Paper: 100% Recycled Acid Free Application Kit Bag: Unbleached Natural Cotton Pouch Instruction Cards: Recycled Paper materials Stickers: Eco Friendly Renewable Materials Labels: Biodegradable & Home Compostible Mailers: Biodegradable & Home Compostible

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