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  1. Wash and completely dry hands 

  2. Gently push back cuticles using the cuticle stick provided

  3. Lightly buff and smooth your natural nail to remove surface shine using the nail buffer provided 

  4. Wipe over each nail with alcohol wipe provided to get rid of surface residue                                                    *skip this step if nail fits perfectly and is aligned with the nail bed* Using the nail file provided slightly file the side or bottom of press on nail to meet desired shape

  5. Apply a few drops of the glue provided to your natural nail as well as the press on nail (making sure you evenly distribute enough for all 10) then place press on nail close to the cuticle. Press down for at least 15seconds

Adhesive Tabs

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 above

  2. Peel adhesive tabs from the sheet ensuring to use the best suited size for each nail and making sure the plastic cover is on the top

  3. Place the adhesive tab on the nail. Press down firm and peel the plastic cover off

  4. Place press on nail close to the cuticle on top of the adhesive tab and press down firm

​For optimal wear of your press on nails avoid water for four hours after applying

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  1. Using a bowl add equal parts of warm water and soap (can be dishwashing liquid, oil) and soak fingers inside the solution for 8-10 minutes

  2. Once you see the nails are loose from soaking use the cuticle stick provided to gently lift the press on nail from your natural nails (ensure you don’t try to force them off)

  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 in intervals until your press on nails are loose to be able to remove them with no force

  4. Buff the excess glue residue off your natural nail

  5. Apply a cuticle oil to your natural nail to maintain strong and healthy nails


  1. Using the nail file provided gently file any glue excess behind the press on nail from previous use (if you have a nail drill use low/medium speed) 

  2. Repeat steps from the application process and you have a new set

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